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Artic Wolf Floor Plans    http://rvs/fifth-wheels/arctic-wolf

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Dicor Semi-annual Roof Maint.

Camco Winterizing chart

I had to post this since it hit me hard. Tom 

From: Linda


Comments: I would like to say I am so happy with my experience with you all. I was treated so well. Thank you for helping me so much with getting a camper. With my low budget for a used camper you all did an excellent job, treated me with courtesy even with my low funds. You all went up and over what I ever expected. Thank you so much. Now to tell you my story…I was diagnosed with terminal cancer in 2013 after 55 radiation treatments and 20 weeks of chemo, there was nothing else they could do. They sent me to columbus for an extensive surgery which took alot of body parts but saved my life. Im still recovering after 2 years but still cancer free. In between my treatments and surgery my get away was camping with a pop up lol. But I said if I survived I would save what we could to buy a camper. Thats how we found you all through my aunt and uncle Carl and Naomi. I just wanted to let you know what this has meant to me…much more than just a camper. Keep up the great  work you all do. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. Keep on camping on.